Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 6.00

The exciting 2013 edition of the best-selling realistic soccer game, featuring life-like graphics and real life players and teams

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 6.00
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (PES 2013)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is a soccer simulation game from Konami, and while it seems like the game hasn't changed much since the previous version, there are some new features that work to make both the graphics and the gameplay better.

One of the most common complaints about Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 was that the action was too simplistic and arcade-style. This has been remedied entirely in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 thanks to the sophisticated yet intuitive manual controls. The game draws a lot of inspiration from other soccer sims like FIFA 12, which helps it produce a more enjoyable experience.

The controls for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 were completely redesigned for this new version. The improved system has been dubbed the 'PES FullControl' system by the developer. Players can now use the R2 button in conjunction with the first-touch feature, which allows them to take ball control in an instant.

Manual passing and shooting have been added as well. You can modify how much power you use for each shot or pass, and you can select the height you wish to kick the ball. The PES FullControl system also offers the ability to dribble with fine precision. Fans of the series will love how much the gameplay is improved by FullControl, and new players can still get in on the action without experiencing a steep learning curve. Of course, there are still ways to beat the system and score easily.

A notable aspect of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is the level of detail in the likenesses of each player. Not only do the digital versions look like their real-world counterparts, but they have also been programmed to play and behave as their real-world counterparts.

There aren't many soccer simulators out there that come as close to reality as Pro Evolution Soccer 13. The graphics are stunning for their age, and the animations are generally quite impressive. Team entrances are fun and engaging, and every player has an immense level of detail that extends to their clothing and accessories.

In some instance, players in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 are animated patchily. Players turn in unrealistic and clunky ways, and the goalie's actions are stuttered and exaggerated. The goalkeepers supposedly received several upgrades from the previous iteration, but they aren't noticeable if they occurred at all.

One of the saving elements of the animation lies in the Player Impact engine. The physics are surprisingly realistic, and you can easily see how your movement is affected by interacting with other players. Collision animations are still a bit behind benchmark soccer sims like FIFA.

If you were displeased with Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, there's a good chance you'll be satisfied with Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. Of course, the game has room to grow and develop as Konami works to produce even better soccer simulation experiences.


  • Realistic Physics
  • Detailed Players
  • Different Gametypes
  • Excellent Manual Controls


  • Horrible NPC Goalies
  • Occasional Subpar Animation

The Pro Evolution Soccer series is back at it with its newest installment, PES 2013. There are plenty of new features and options that make PES ’13 one of the best soccer games on the computer. There are a few hiccups along the way, but for the most part this is a series that looks to improve with each installment it releases. Here is a look into Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 and the why it ranks among the top simulation soccer games available.

Game Play

The bread and butter of any soccer game comes down to the game play and what it feels like as users are running their players around on the field. In most aspects, Pro Evolution Soccer 13 offers great game play that is comparable to other soccer simulators on the market. The one downside is what sometimes appears to be occasional lag when kicking extra-long distances. For example, it seems like the players have a harder time adjusting to goal kicks than they do with short-distance through-balls. Nonetheless, this one hitch isn’t enough to discredit the overall fun that PES 13 provides with the game play.


In many cases, what makes or breaks a soccer simulation game is the graphics. After all, unlike in some other sports, soccer games are all about the players' faces, their unique hair styles and the way the ball bounces around the pitch. PES 2013 nails the graphics in each of the aforementioned categories. When a player scores, you can see the smiles that come across every player on the team and bench. At the same, the look of disdain on the opponent is equally present. The markings on the field, the way the grass stains the ball and jerseys, and so many other details are thoughtfully detailed in PES 2013.

Computer AI

Soccer games can be touchy when it comes to computer difficulty. After all, it’s a worldly game, and not everyone has the same familiarity of the sport. However, the difficulty options with PES 2013 are quite fair across the board. If you are looking to just run around the field and rack up points on your opponent, you can do so on the lower difficulty levels. But if you step it up a bit, you can expect a bit more of a challenge that increases with each option. One problem that does seem a bit hard to accept is the fact that if you are playing with a good team, Real Madrid or Man U for example, you can still have a hard time with teams that obviously shouldn’t be in the same league. So it makes it a bit difficult to accept a 3-1 loss to a lower-tier team if you are one of the best in the world, even if the computer AI is set to difficult.

Overall Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is yet another installment in a great series of soccer games. It keeps with what works in previous years and works to improve upon the issues that came up short. There is still some room to go, but it is certainly one of the top options for soccer simulators on the PC.


- Huge selection of teams that has increased from previous years.

- Graphics are amazingly detailed.


- User difficulty is typically fair, except when considering the levels of specific teams.

- Some issues with lag on long-ball passes.

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